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Who said getting a job after school would be easy? When graduation neared it was bittersweet! I had not a care in the world; all I wanted to do was stride across that good ol’ stage, wave  and smile! I never thought a few months out I’d still be job hunting, for the perfect job at that! I’m a few hours from ripping strands out of my precious head! (sorry in advance head) SUCCESS MUST BE NEAR!

Guys can be so unfair! (or maybe not)

Boys, boys, boys! In what situations do guys consider both themselves and a female companions opinions or wants? Well, it may vary from guy to guy. A self survey was given to a small group of guys and they all had mostly the same results! One question from the survey was, “If your girlfriend or crush goes out with her female friend and two other guys is that okay with you?” Their answers were all “No, because we don’t trust the guys.” Well, does that mean you don’t trust your girlfriend either? Not trusting your girlfriend or crush may play a big part but maybe not all the time. We live in a society where people will do “what they want when they want,” but still be able to make reasonable decisions when placed incertain predicaments. As a whole, couples and pre-couples should always come to a conclusion of what their naughty and nice list should look like before exploring any options. 

Sleep has always had the upper hand.

Being sleepy is soooooo contagious! For example, lets say your cleaning, driving, watching tv or doing what ever it is you do with someone else in your presence; next, you look over and that person is sleep or dosing off! it automatically makes you question your ability to stay awake! Executive decisions have never been this real! HURRY! find the closes flower and pick the pedals OFFFFF; silently (so you won’t seem creepy) chant sleep or no sleep. It the flower sounds plan stupid or it just doesn’t meet your standards, your exhausted mind should know what to do next. GOODLUCK! 

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